Help us send copies of The Vagina Bible to Congress!

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Kensington Books and Busboys and Poets have partnered on a campaign to deliver 535 copies of The Vagina Bible to every member of Congress.

For every purchase (which the cost of the book, tax & shipping) Busboys and Poets will mail a copy of The Vagina Bible to another member of Congress!

After many of author Dr. Jen Gunter’s fans expressed a desire to get her bestselling book on the desks of US Representatives, the campaign was created in order to deliver copies of the runaway hit to legislators in Washington DC.

Dr. Gunter’s “vagenda” is empowering everyone with facts, science, and data. In an era of increasing restrictions on women's reproductive choices coupled with the wellness industry hawking scientifically unproven treatments and products, providing people with evidence-based information about their health can be a challenge.

"As someone who has dedicated nearly 40 years of my life and career to the issues of women's equality and eradicating sexism and discrimination, I am extremely proud of my constituent, Dr. Jen Gunter, and her book, The Vagina Bible, that debunks junk science about women's bodies. This modern day Our Bodies, Ourselves will empower current and future generations with facts and evidence that push back on disinformation that has been used to rob of us our money, our autonomy, and our dignity. Dr. Gunter's straightforward approach has helped so many people understand both the scientific and societal impact of medical misinformation, and the associated dangers,"                                       

Congresswoman Jackie Speier

Speier represents California’s 14th District, and is at the forefront of efforts to increase constitutional protections against sex discrimination through ratification of the ERA and to end gender-based discrimination in the pricing of goods and services through the passage of the Pink Tax Repeal Act.

“Power and health are inseparably linked... I hope all US lawmakers, regardless of sex, party, or sexual affiliation, will reference The Vagina Bible when crafting legislation that subjugates women by keeping them from the facts. It’s gratifying to know there are so many fighting to rectify the many ways patriarchy and misinformation have been used to place extra burdens on women’s lives. That’s why, as an acknowledgment of their hard work, I have asked that the first sixty copies of The Vagina Bible purchased through this campaign will be sent to the co-sponsors of the Pink Tax Repeal Act.” 

Dr. Jen Gunter

Andy Shallal, the founder and owner of Busboys and Poets, is proud to be a partner in this effort.

“As a father of two women, I am horrified at the prospect of political interference with a woman’s right to choose. In an era where the possibility of reversing decades of struggle for women is real, we need a more informed Congress and electorate more than ever.”

- Andy Shallal